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100 Things I’m Grateful For // A Happy LIst

100 Things I'm Grateful For 

I sat down tonight, not sure what to write about. But then I saw a post on agirlobsessed about 100 things she was grateful for, and I thought That’s It! I love writing posts about things I’m grateful for or things that make me happy, because it really puts life into perspective. It helps me realize that I have a whole heck of a lot to be thankful for and it brightens my mood considerably.

100 things that I am grateful for

  1. My Family
  2. Jesus Christ & His unfailing love for me
  3. Having a home
  4. The fact that I’m leaving for CO in eleven days
  5. Days with extended family
  6. My best friends
  7. A good cry after a stressful day
  8. Rainstorms
  9. A strangers’ kindness
  10. Listening to my favorite songs in my car with the windows rolled down and the volume up
  11. My Tattoos
  12. Writing
  13. Getting into bed with fresh, clean sheets
  14. Hearing a baby laugh
  15. Making silly dubsmash videos with my sister
  16. The wonderful people I work with
  17. Seeing flowers start to bloom
  18. The way the sky looks after a big thunderstorm
  19. Stepping into an air conditioned room after being outside in 90 + degree weather
  20. Pictures like this one:

      21. Reading my Bible
      22. When a stranger waves back at you
      23. This blog and how much work I’ve put into it lately
      24. Waking up early (even when it’s hard)
      25. The Sound of Music
      26. Watching documentaries
      27. Laughing so hard my stomach hurts
      28. Organizing the indoor plants at work
      29. Hugs from my grandma (and the fact that I’ll be hugging her in ELEVEN days)
      30. The mountains
      31. Thinking about the way my grandpa would hug us and the way he smelled
      32. My momma and how great she is
      33. Remembering that I’m not in high school anymore
      34. Where Do Broken Hearts Go (and the fact that I’ll be jamming to it live in twenty-nine days)
      35. Free wi-fi
      36. Cheesy jokes that make me laugh so hard I cry
      37. Riding rollercoasters and laughing the entire time
      38. God’s grace 
      39. My scholarships that have allowed me to go to school and pursue a career that I’ll (hopefully) love
      40. Instagram 
      41. Reblogging pretty pictures on tumblr
      42. Stars
      43. Journaling
      44. Keeping up with my planner
      45. Watching Miranda Sings on YouTube with my mom and sister and laughing so hard we cry
      46. Handwritten letters
      47. Seeing the happiness that some of my oldest friends are going through right now 🙂 
      48. Polaroids 
      49. DIY projects 
      50. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
      51. Accents
      52. Words and language
      53. Overcoming depression and choosing happiness daily
      54. Louis Tomlinson’s face
      55. Bath and Body Works summer lotions
      56. Having better career opportunities than I would have if I hadn’t been raised in a technology based generation
      57. My church family
      58. Hugs from my dad
      59. The feeling after finishing a great book
      60. This picture:

     61. Waterfalls
     62. Hiking in the woods/mountains/wherever
     63. Fruit and spinach smoothies that my mom makes
     64. Cartoons 
     65. Binge watching shows on Netflix 
     66. Looking at my senior yearbook that I was apart of creating
     67. When I get to spend time with my sister
     68. Maxi Dresses
     69. My pinterest boards 
     70. Jeans that fit me perfectly
     71. One Tree Hill 
     72. Super productive days
     73. The fact that one day I’ll be a mom 
     74. Having flowers (or fake flowers) in my bedroom 
     75. Swimming pools 
     76. Making new friends
     77. Facing my fears
     78. Putting on warm clothes straight from the dryer
     79. Autumn Autumn Autumn
     80. Ed Sheeran music
     81. Jesus Culture worship albums
     82. Making people laugh
     83. Movie theater popcorn 
     84. Online shopping
     85. Airplanes and how they make it easier for us to get places faster
     86. Singing loudly in my car
     87. Looking through old scrapbooks
     88. Blogging about my life
     89. The color yellow
     90. Books Books Books 
     91. My creative writing class last semester and how encouraging everyone was about my work
     92. Minty gum
     93. The comments/support that I got on Coffee Colored over the past two years
     94. Chai Tea and drinking it out of mugs
     95. Candles 
     96. Adventuring 
     97. When my room is clean
     98. Monster’s Inc. 
     99. Making people smile
     100. All of you who read my blog––I love you. 
So tonight I want to challenge you all to make a list of things that you’re thankful for or of things that make you happy and share them in the comments below! It doesn’t have to be a list of 100, start out with a list of 5 or 10 or 20 and work your way up. It’s always proved to be therapeutic for me and my soul, and I hope it’ll be the same for you.
I wish you all a beautiful and happy night.
All the love,
Shi xx
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