7 ways to stay motivated in college

7 Ways To Stay Motivated In College 

As the school year starts to close in on us, I thought I would share some of the things I learned from my first year in college about staying motivated and on top of your work.

College is a lot different than high school, one of the biggest differences being that you have to keep yourself on track of your due dates and responsibilities without anyone reminding you of them. It can be a bit challenging at first, which is why I thought I’d compile a post of everything I’ve learned about staying motivated so far.

7 Ways to Stay Motivated in College:

  1. Use your planner. I cannot stress this enough. Usually you’ll get a syllabus on the first day; use this to go threw your planner and mark down important due dates and assignments. I never used a planner much in high school, so adjusting to this has been harder for me. But if you do use it, it’ll keep your life so much more organized.
  2. Get good school apps. I personally love iStudiez Pro and Study Blue. These are the two apps I use without fail. iStudiez Pro allows you to put in your schedule, due dates, and other important events. Study Blue allows you to create note cards and quizzes to help you study for tests. They are both absolute life savers.
  3. Use the library. I love going to the library because it’s quiet. It’s easy for me to go upstairs and get all my homework done without being interrupted. It’s probably my go to spot on campus. I really love the library.
  4. Get with friends and do homework together. My friend and I would usually meet up in the library and work on our homework together. I really would only recommend this if you have classes together, but if you can keep yourself focused when someone else is there, it is nice to have the company.
  5. Take time to do other things. The same friend that I mentioned above would usually go to lunch with me a couple times a week, that way we could just chat and get away from the stress. It’s nice to just leave campus and talk about other things sometimes.
  6. Use office hours. If you’re struggling with something in class, use your professors office hours and go talk to them. They are there to help you and are nine times out of ten more than happy to help you out.
  7. Don’t skip classes. As easy as it is to wake up and say “I just don’t feel like going today,” don’t do it. I commute, so I missed a lot because of road conditions and it got me way behind. If you can make it to your classes (i.e. the roads are clear and your not stuck in bed with a fever or puking), go.

I wish the best of luck to everyone who is starting school (or has already started). I start on Monday, so that’s fun.
If you have any other motivation tips for college students (or high school) leave them in the comments below.
All the love,
Shi xx

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