A Commuter’s Guide to College // Part 2

It’s that time of year again: Back to school! Which means, loads of college posts are coming your way! About two years ago, I wrote a post called “A Commuter’s Guide to College.” Now that it has been a couple of years, and I am heading into my senior year of undergrad, I thought it was time for an update.

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A Commuter’s Guide To College // Part 2

1. Get involved. One of my biggest college regrets is that I didn’t get as involved as I would have liked. I’ve spent a lot of time blaming it on commuting, but that’s really not what is at fault. The fact that I never went out of my way to do any of the fun extra curricular stuff is completely and totally my own fault. If you are just starting out in college, I totally recommend that you get involved with some type of club or activity that you are passionate about, and stick to it. 

2.  Get to know your professors. If you can, get to know your professors a little bit. This way, if you have to miss class because of an emergency like an illness or icy roads, they know you and that you wouldn’t lie about it. I’ve had to miss class so many times because of bad roads, and my professors have always been really cool and understanding about it because they know my character. 

3. Email your professors if you aren’t going to make it to class. This is sort of for everyone, and also kind of a ‘duh’ tip, but seriously. If you aren’t going to make it to a class, be responsible and let your professors know. This speaks loads about your character. 

4. Make time for your homework. When you commute, it is easy to get behind in your work because of family, jobs, and other responsibilities. So just make sure that you are making time to get your homework done, because it really does impact your grade!

5. Keep some sort of planner. I’m only organized because I use a planner like crazy. Between my family and school and work, I’ve got a lot to balance. I’ve taken to using the bullet journal method in all my planning to keep me organized and let me tell you, it helps a ton! Find what works for you and stick with it; I guarantee it will make your experience so much easier!

Are you a commuter? What are some of your tips for people who are commuting to college? I’d love to hear them in the comments below! 

All the love,

Shi xx

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  • Susan

    Shiloh, I came by! My granddaughter is a junior in undergrad studies at Liberty Univ. I sent her the URL. xo

    • shilohday@yahoo.com

      Hi Susan!

      I’m so glad you stopped by! I hope this can be useful info for your granddaughter!

      God Bless!