Looking For Companionship

Jez Timms


Genesis 2:18 // Then the Lord said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make a helper for him.”

There it is. Right there is proof that we are naturally drawn to people. God didn’t want us to go through this life alone. In fact, God tells us that it is not good for us to be alone. He created us to want companionship, to want to be around other people. He created us to want to find a person to spend the rest of our lives with, because life is better together. 

So what should we do about companionship in our singleness?

Well, according to, a companion is either: 

  1. a person who is frequently in the company of, associates with, or accompanies another; or 
  2. a mate or match for something 

You see, when I think of God wanting us to have a companion, I always go straight to my future husband. But I think what I sometimes forget about is all of the people in my life who I am around frequently; my friends, my classmates, my coworkers—they are all my companions! I always am so caught up in wanting the perfectly planned picture in my head of what I think my future is going to look like to come true, that I often forget to look at the people that around me right now. 

It’s so easy to feel alone until you look around you at the big picture.

I’ve got friends and family who love me so unconditionally. They are the ones who are teaching me how to love and preparing me for when my spouse does eventually come into the picture. It’s really a beautiful thing, if you think about it. 

God doesn’t call us to do life alone. We are surrounded each and everyday with some people he has placed in our lives for a reason. 

This week, I challenge you to really look at your support system—look at your companions. Who has God put in your life to teach you to be a better spouse one day? Who has he put in your life to love you unconditionally until your person comes around?

These are the relationships to treasure right now, because once you are in a committed relationship, these will shift. Love on people as fully as you can right now. They’re in your life for a reason.

Shi xx

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